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Celebrating golf’s return to the Olympic Games which is now112 years in the making – Oakley team introduced a revolutionary hovercraft golf cart technology which appears to be a brand new innovation: christened the first ever Golf Cart Jetpack!

Historical Perspective

A two-time Masters champion and currently one of the top five golfers in the world, Bubba Watson is known for pushing the boundaries of golf. Three years ago, Bubba and Oakley teamed up to create the world’s first Golf Cart Hovercraft. For 2016, we wanted to make history once again by taking innovation and performance to the next level. Bubba’s Hover enables golfers to traverse any terrain by allowing golfers to literally fly across the golf course.


Through Bubba’s Jetpack, golfers can see the course and their game with a unique bird’s eye view of every hole as well as the freedom to fly easily from location to location in any environment without restriction.


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