Bonalu Festival


Bonalu had its origin in 1869, when Hyderabad and Secunderabad were plagued by an epidemic that killed scores of people. The citizens believed that the plague was the manifestation of the Mother Goddess’ anger at them. A Hyderabadi prayed to the Mother Goddess and promised that if he survived the plague, he would build a temple in her honour in Hyderabad. The Bonalu ritual was also started to ward off the goddess’ anger. In this ritual, the women makes an offering of food to the Mother Goddess which is later shared by family and friends as prasad. There is then a celebration of community feasts and colourful processions including the Ghatalu procession and a procession where the Mother Goddess is placed astride an elephant. At the end of the celebration, a Rangam ceremony is held, where a young girl in a trance predicts the future.


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Happy Bonalu

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Bonalu is an important Hindu festival dedicated to Goddess Shakti and is held in the Hindu calendar month of Ashadham every year The Word Bonalu came from "Bhojanalu" meaning food, which is offered to the goddess during festival time. It is celebrated during ashada masam and wishes through messages as Happy Bonalu messages to friends and family members.

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